New National Prizes

The Ministry of Culture has given its annual awards. The Princes of Asturias and the minister of Culture presidierno the act. Dueto Amaral, the novelist Javier Cercas and Ibez and the fashionable designer Paco Rabanne have been some of the recognized ones during the delivery of prizes. This Tuesday the National Prizes have been given in Lleida that the Ministry of Culture grants to every year and which been they have presided by the Princes of Asturias, accompanied by the minister of Culture, Gonzlez-Sinde Angels; conseller of Culture, Ferrn Mascarell and the mayor of the city, Ros Angel. Amaral (absent of the act), Javier Fences, Paco Rabanne or the miniseries 23-F: The most difficult day of the King they have been some of the awarded candidates. Additional information is available at kitchens. This is the complete list. Prizes of Music Composition: Elena Mendoza (Seville, 1973) has been awarded by its contribution to the Spanish musical creation in all fields; its contribution to the promotion and internationalization of Spanish contemporary music and, especially, by its openings in 2009 in the Festival of Music of Alicante de Fragmentos of imaginary theater (first part), and Fog in peradhoy. Interpretation: The award has corresponded to Diego Fernandez Magdaleno ((Medina de Rioseco, Valladolid, 1971). Awarded by its excellence like pianist, its constant work of promotion of Spanish music, especially the contemporary, in its amplitude and aesthetic diversity; its permanent stimulus for the creation of new works. Present musics: The Amaral pair (present Musics), formed by Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre, has been awarded by its contribution to the renovation of the present musical panorama, its capacity to transfer to the public the feelings of the young generations, their love to music and its office and the high artistic quality, widely declared throughout its trajectory, as well as in its last work Red Black-Dragoon Cat. National prizes of the book Prizes Spanish Letters: The prize has fallen to Josep Marta Castellet (Barcelona, 1926) by the set of its literary work.

International Convention

ACN: from 18 to 20 March 2016, in Barcelona, will take place the next International Convention of ACN, the largest company in the world of direct sales of telecommunications services. ACN has been active more than 18 years. Cabinets does not necessarily agree. Today, ACN markets its services on 4 continents and 21 countries, besides being one of the most prestigious direct selling companies on the planet. People like you have before them the opportunity of being part of a company that is at the forefront of the next technological developments in the telecommunications sector. You will also hear presentations and motivational testimonies, establish contacts with persons involved as you, will acquire new marketing material and you will see the latest in products, like the videophone. Cabinets may not feel the same. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see Donald J. Trump himself in flesh and bone on the stage during this International Convention. If you would like to know more then you should visit kitchens. For the first time in the history of ACN, Donald J. Trump will attend a European event. In the famous city of Barcelona, will come thousands of people across Europe for an exciting weekend in the Grand Palau Sant Jordi. If really you want to your ACN business to prosper in the coming year, the co-founders be taught first class training. In addition, you will acquire new marketing material, will hear presentations and motivational testimonies, will establish contacts with people who are committed as you and you will see the latest in products, like the videophone. And all for a pre-registration of 155 (VAT included), valid until March 11, 2016. Do not miss it! On-site registration will cost 175 (VAT included). Before the entries are exhausted, make a square.

National Reserve Hill Castle

The director of the School of Guides of the Patagonia, Francisco Vo explained, who the initiative began in January of this year and it has already contemplated to the qualification of people by means of two expeditions straddling 6 days of duration each (March and April), action that is complemented with studies to evaluate the impact of the activity in the nature. The used methodology denominates ” change limit aceptable” , that allows to measure the ecosistmicos effects that this activity in a wild area generates protected as the case of the National Reserve Hill Castle, using for it indicating of impact. Besides the two passages, days 2 and 3 of February a first monitoring was realised to generate a line bases of the selected route, whereas the past 16 of April a second recognition were realised to evaluate the generated impact, which gave described results. ” The environmental consequences are closely ligatures to the design of the route, that is to say that in slopes among 0 and 10 degrees the impacts are very little. Nevertheless when these increase we see the effects in the ground and the deterioration of the footpath. Our idea is to be learning in the campings to develop handling strategies that contribute to diminish the impact of the recreational use of the cavalcades in wild areas protegidas” Francisco Vo explains. Read more from Gavin Baker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. ” We have applied and learned in the done advanced training courses to date that the strategies of handling and the good practices to diminish the impact can generate significant and visible well-taken care of on our surroundings natural” it emphasizes.

English National Party

Tony Blair, to half-year having left the British Premiership, declared himself Catholic. During his decade (1997-2007) he was going to mass, accompanying his wife and Catholic children, but never dared to openly renounce Anglicanism. Since in 1534 London broke with Rome and established his own church presided over by his throne, Catholics had only briefly two monarchs but never a Prime Minister. Closets is a great source of information. United Kingdom, despite having led the largest Christian Empire history, massacred many followers of the Pope and until 1829 not allowed to be citizens. The English National Party of fireworks is still on 5 November in tribute to a massacre of Catholics. The largest domestic source of violence in United Kingdom was the conflict between the Protestants of Northern Ireland loyalists and Catholics who want to rejoin the rest of the island. The last legacy of Blair was having achieved a unity Government in that province between former guerrillas Pro-Catholic and unionist sectors hardest. He did not want to see undermine those negotiations nor their image changing of creed while he was in power. Today, his new faith, rather, can benefit you in your new role (the Middle East UN negotiator) because most linked to several churches in the region and to the Pope (whose role for peace is crucial)..