No way! never! nothing! can not be an excuse. Blue ruin a great picture of a blue wall. Dark pink bed on the background of light-pink walls turn room in the sultry lining cheap handbags. In general, the message is clear. 4) In a typical apartment ceiling height is 2,65-2,75 m, it is not enough! In Stalin's homes – 3 or 3.20 m, which is too little. Lucky owners of apartments in pre-revolutionary mansions but in any case, multi-level suspended ceiling – that's stupid. It reduces the visual size of the room – with Khrushchev's already low ceiling turned into barracks. Such ceilings make the room uncomfortable. Leave them with recessed light fixtures hotels and offices. 5) The design does not stop at the walls and furniture. Accessories Need an apartment no less than the perfume – a real lady. To make repairs, but not to decorate apartments candlesticks, shelves, pictures and frames – it's like to reach by subway to his station, but did not get out of the car. 6) When choosing colors, it is always based on the contrast of colors. Contrast – one of the few ideas that should be in good design ever. The combination of black and white – a classic. By the same author: Joeb Moore. Use a combination of blue and black, black and yellow, yellow and red. 7) Do not be afraid to break down barriers. Carry the interior partitions, always, if possible. Room in our apartments prohibitively small, and his eyes sometimes have nowhere to look. The simplest solution – to combine the kitchen with one of the rooms. Space for food preparation can be separated, for example, stand or table. 8) Follow the three rules: 1 – "simple" – does not mean "bad," 2 – "hard" – not necessarily "good." You are offered a door with curved glass. Offer suspended ceilings with bends. The designer wants to do the bulk bends on walls. Bends, twists, bends! It's just gone! Angles much aristocracy. 3 – "looks expensive" generally "bad". Briefly: It is better to buy a wooden object minimalist than a cheap, disguised under the road glitz and pretentiousness. This includes wallpaper: wallpaper paper with a good ornament is actually much better (and more expensive when it comes to design) than mottled vinyl wallpaper, God forbid, with sparkles. 9) Prefer natural materials. Parquet solid wood is better, is better than the floorboard, in turn, stands in front of the laminate. Laminate floors – for offices and apartment should be comfortable. Do not put plastic windows. In our while wooden windows is not much more expensive, but it is natural and looks much better. Say NO to the artificial bricks, plastic flowers and a fireplace with an unnatural fire. 10) And the last piece of advice about the price of repairs. We do not love the catch phrase, but being determines consciousness – it's true. Yes, designer wallpaper in four times more common, and parquet boards twice the price of laminate. Your thinking creates an environment in which you live. Not save. Defer repairs, if we must, but do it well.


There are many forms of meditation. Meditation can occur with images, with prayer or chant. These are techniques valid to raise awareness on a higher plane of existence. Meditation quiets the mind, allowing the freedom of perceiving other levels of reality. Some types of meditation, do not have any purpose beyond this, and a great purpose, is still calming the mind. This is very therapeutic and there are several techniques to achieve this goal. Other forms of meditation have other uses. The prayer has been designed to achieve communion with divinity. The display extends the capabilities of the mind to achieve external manifestations of what is being displayed. Meditations with Mantra help us implement that Word or term and that can cause us a contemplative State. Repeating statements also is a form of meditation with mantras. It is important to note that each form of meditation has a metaphysical purpose and use. Quieting the mind is essential in the the work of metaphysics and is often the first step. The central idea is to focus our mind avoiding vague trend of our thoughts. To be able to avenzar in our metaphysical experience have first to quiet our mind, let it free of distraction and, potentially, negative thoughts. Achieving a State of meditation or contemplation of the mind, helps us to this. The display in the meditation is a necessary element in the metaphysical treatment. In order to manifest your desires, a mental image ideal of what you want to achieve, must be present in your mind. Obviously, if you are distracted or your thoughts are jumping from one place to another, it will be difficult to keep this image. This technique is often used for professional, personal and even health progress. The guided meditations make enough use of these exercises. Prayer is synonym of metaphysical, despite applied’s distinctive shape treatment. Communion with a higher power offers metaphysics juice to achieve an external manifestation of our objectives. Communion with this higher power should have enough privacy so that you can experience a sense of unity with him. From there keep in mind an image of your goal or desire. When the process is complete, is delivered to the higher power to run. Worth clarifying that this connection with God does not require that you follow a particular religion, if it is so, follow but just thank and appreciate the things in your life you may bring this to infinity. The elevation of the spirit is an essential aspect of the metaphysical meditation. You can be a metaphysical treatment for your growth of the soul, or to heal the wounded soul of another. The most effective treatments are those that focus on the realization of your own desires on the basis that if you’re happy, everyone involved in your life also benefit. Daily meditation is recommended for anyone who wants to recorrrer a spiritual path. Its benefits are many, providing a feeling of peace and harmony in your life. If you want to learn more about Meditation, visit our website where you will find everything or that you need to know about meditation and the Silva method.