The negative answers relate the lack of the manipulable materials in the learning or the way that had learned in the years passed in the school, today are more easy, therefore we have the didactic games that it facilitates the learning. Kamii (2007, p.48) in many schools, the mathematics today continues being one ' ' animal-of-seven-cabeas' '. Operatrias rules and techniques, as well as a vocabulary sufficient I specify, are presented very early to the children, having occupied the place that could and would have to be dedicated to the development of the reasoning. I did not learn with manipulable materials, I I learned with the numbers (JF). In the traditional method this type of material did not exist (AM). However, learning that had had in the pertaining to school life with the mathematics the concrete materials used by the professors: chalk, picture, counting of 1 up to 10, resolution of the four operations, arithmethic table, writing, wallets with cartilha (quarter) and memorization, these cited materials as material manipulable. Of this relation the arithmethic table was cited by the pupils, as one of the objectives of traditional education and the games alone to pass the time and in the time that had studied did not have are didactic of education. 4.4 To think as to manipulate the materials In thinking about using the manipulable materials in initial series EJA, confuses with basic education, in the Vigotskiana theory (1988) in the process of development of concepts, not if it can wait that the incorporation and explicitao are immediate: the no-explicitao does not imply that a considered abstract, worked concept in lesson, cannot contribute in the qualification of the pupil to understand concrete concepts. If the children learn at the beginning of an amused skill, the adults will go to learn much more fast, are important to know, to know that she has some ways to learn to decide mathematical activities (AC). He is very useful, because you

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Then, it is not necessary to ask for professional aid. However, the duration of these reactions varies enormously of cultural groups to others and people to others. When to consult with a professional? When the following reactions for more than two months take place, the duel can be considered it burdens and he is advisable to ask for professional aid: – Feelings of fault by the received things of the deceased or by whom they did not occur him when he was alive. – To think that one must have died next to him. – Sensation of uselessness. – Slowness of movements. – The impression to listen to the voice or to see the fleeting image of the passed away person. Hallucinations. Which are the consequences of a duel nonelaborated? Within the pathological or difficult duels, there are different types according to the time: The duel ” Crnico”: After a year and a half, or more time, the person shows the same symptoms that at the outset. The duel ” Retrasado”: The affected one is prevented to itself to feel the duel. For example, a mother with small children, who has enviudado, does not allow itself to cry because she must work hard to remove to his family advanced. The duel ” Exagerado”: The person locks in itself in her house and continues acting as if the deceased lived. There is no adaptation. The duel ” Enmascarado”: The loss is not accepted inner. It is avoided to speak of subject. With time they appear psychological upheavals that never they had been suffered, for example attacks of panic, depression, anxiety, etc. What can help? In order to return to normality, the affected person needs to retake the life rate that she had before the loss. Its mood depends on the activity that it has. For example: – To leave and to relax, since to remain much solo and in the house it aggravates the picture. He is recommendable to begin something new, for example a course; mainly if time or personal spaces is a pending subject that did not take shape before, for want of. – To chat on the person loved with some relative or friend, alleviates much. And it is symptom of which the loss is being accepted. To make activity physical, because it allows to rest at night better, alleviates the tensions and elevates the mood. If it is realised abroad, far better. – To eat with regularity. At the outset it costs to recover the appetite, but it is necessary to strive. It is possible to be begun to ingest small amounts of foods in the main ones meals, and to be increasing the amount little by little. – To follow a routine helps not to feel sol@ and emptiness. The fixed customs are those that make us take contact with the reality. That yes, the routine has to be own, – it does not agree to continue realising the activities that shared with the deceased, because it will remember constantly and with pain.