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National Curricular Parameters

Angular moment: a proposal for the physics education, using experiments to ldicosClaudiomir Mozart Soares de MelloLicenciando in Sciences of the Nature with Qualification in Physics of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina Wrz Permitting in Sciences of the Nature with Qualification in Physics of the Federal Institute of Saint Lucas de FreitasLicenciando in Sciences of the Nature with Qualification in Physics of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina- In this article present a proposal developed in discipline Project integrator that is a curricular component of the course of Licenciatura in Sciences of the Nature with Qualification in Physics of the Federal Institute of Santa Catarina. The main objective intended by this work is to teach through different playful methods, which can awake the interest of the pupil for the learning in Physics, in accordance with the abilities demanded for the National Curricular Parameters of Average Ensino (PCN+), being that, in this proposal it is looked to integrate excessively you discipline curricular. Experiments, such had been carried through as, a revolving platform, the study of the movements of ioi and the pio, looking for to promote the interaction of the pupil with the experiment. After the accomplishment and preparation of the experiments, the same ones had been applied in classroom, with the objective to evaluate the possibility of a significant learning on the subject Angular Moment. We perceive that the participation and the interatividade of the pupils had been primordial elements to reach the intended objectives.

Word-Key: Angular moment. Project integrator. PCN+. Abstract- The purpose of this template is you be model will be the structure and the formatting of academic and scientific articles you be published in the journals of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Santa Catarina – IFSC.


MATHEMATICAL GAMES The education of Mathematics promotes the development of the logical reasoning, as well as stimulates the independent thought, the creativity and the capacity to decide problems. As alternative to motivate the learning, to stimulate the socialization and interaction between the pupils the educators find in the mathematical games the exit for this conflict. The well elaborated well planned educative games and serve of pedagogical resource for the construction of the mathematical knowledge. The use of the games develops in the students a taste for disciplines that until then it is seen as an animal papo. The learning through the games as domin, crossed words, memory and others allows that the student makes of the learning an amused interesting process and until. We verify three aspects to justify the use of the games in the lessons: the playful character, the development of intellectual techniques and the formation of social relations. The educative games with pedagogical purposes they disclose to its importance in situations of teach-learning when increasing the construction of the knowledge, introducing properties of the playful one, the pleasure, the capacity of initiation and action stokes and motivadora, making possible the access of the child to some types of knowledge and abilities.

For such, the game must propitiate diversion, pleasure and even though displeasure, when chosen voluntarily, teaching something that completes the individual in its to know, in its knowledge and its perception of the world. For the importance of the games in classroom, a schedule of the planning must be occupied inside, thus the professor can all explore the potential of the games, process of solution, registers and quarrels on possible ways that will be able to appear, preparing the pupil for deepened contents more in intudo of acquisition of mathematical concepts of relevance. To play is not to study nor to work, because playing, the pupil learns, over all, to know and to understand the social world encircles that it (Moura, 1996).